Buddy Miles Interview

Buddy Miles with Stevie Wonder
Buddy Miles with Stevie Wonder

Buddy Miles, Jimi Hendrix, and Billy Cox were the infamous Band of Gypsys.

Their short lived collaboration produced a historic legendary album. Before Buddy Miles teamed up with Jimi Hendrix, he drummed and sang in his own band, The Buddy Miles Express.

Buddy first received recognition in the integrated blues - rock band called The Electric Flag. The Electric Flag also featured guitarist Mike Bloomfield.

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Buddy Miles was the Lenny Kravitz of his day, with one foot in the world of R&B/funk, and the other in the world of rock. Miles' biggest hit, 1969's "Them Changes," gets radio exposure from time to time.

"Them Changes" is featured in the beginning of the 2001 Samuel L. Jackson movie, "Formula 51," (this film is also titled "The 51st State" outside of the USA).

Listen to Buddy talk to King from Powerhouse Radio (recorded live at Allan Pepper and Stanley Snadowsky's The Bottom Line in New York City, NY, September 1974, during The Bottom Line's very first year!).

Buddy appeared with The Electric Flag. King Biscuit Boy was also on the bill.

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