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Powerhouse Radio Newsletter
September 5, 2002

This issue includes...

SPECIAL EDITION September 4, 2002

This brief issue features a special announcement about what we'll be doing on September 11th. I hope you'll become involved with us. More details below.

The next issue of the Powerhouse Radio Newsletter (with the regular features) will be sent to you on September 16th.

September 11th Special Feature

Shlocky tribute songs and distasteful sound montages from September 11th, 2001, are elements on the radio I feel should be avoided this year on the first 9-11 day of remembrance.

However, lots of radio stations will be doing that. Rather than join the cliche parade, here's what we'll be doing and where you come in.

I need your help in assisting Powerhouse Radio on 9-11. Here's what we have planned.

Our regular music "format" will be intact. We'd like to insert a brief audio message from you in your voice that will be placed between songs throughout the day (along with comments from other listeners).

The subject of your message can be one of two different themes:

1) What are you doing to make your world a better place?

2) What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

You do not have to, and I encourage you NOT to reference 9-11 in your short statement.

I recommend that you write something that is about 30 seconds long. Prepare this in advance, then...

Call a special toll free 888 number that we have set up to record your thoughts. This number will only be officially active through Saturday, September 7th, so you'll have Wednesday evening, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week to call. We can only accept calls from North America.

We'll take the best comments and play them during the day around the regular music on September 11th.

Since you are a special subscriber to our free Powerhouse Radio newsletter, you are personally being invited to participate in our special 9-11 programming.

Non-subscribers won't be able to participate, that is, we won't be soliciting for comments between now and September 11th during our Powerhouse Radio broadcast!

We'd love to use your comment, so write a brief one telling us what you are doing to make your world a better place, or, tell us what your hopes and dreams are for the future. You do not have to reference 9-11.

Call our toll free 888 number and record your comment on our special feedback line. The telephone line will be active through Saturday, September 7th. Due to the time it will take to edit your response and place it in the September 11th broadcast, we will not be able to use comments recorded past Saturday, September 7th (although you can still call. Time permitting, we might still be able to work your comment in).

Here is a sample script to use. Please use your first name at a minimum. Nicknames are OK. You can also use both your first and last name. Please say what city you are calling from:


"Hi (hello), this is Janet from Los Angeles..."

[Your thoughts go here]


The toll free number is: (removed by editor for web newsletter).

Thanks for becoming involved. Make sure you are listening on Wednesday, September 11th, to hear your comment broadcast.

We promise not to hype our 9-11 programming, or to try to turn this day of remembrance into a "promotion." Thanks again for your help.

Powerhouse Radio

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All rights reserved
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