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Christmas Jollies
December 14, 2006
This issue includes...

1) Christmas Jollies
2) Brunswick Top 40 R&B Singles 1966 - 1975 Winners
3) The Creation of "Black Santa"
4) Music News: Alicia Keys, Smokey Robinson
5) Concert Dates: Who's on Tour?
6) The 5 Best 2006 Classic Soul R&B Music Jam Blog Posts
7) Your Feedback via email to King at Powerhouse Radio

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1) Christmas Jollies

The week leading into Christmas (with a few extras bonus days starting sometime this weekend), it's all holiday music from the #1 total R&B experience, Powerhouse Radio.

Take a look:

Christmas Songs

Contemporary, traditional, bluesy, jazzy, and funky, we'll have it all.

2) Brunswick Top 40 R&B Singles 1966 - 1975 Winners

Congratulations to our winners in the Brunswick Top 40 R&B Singles 1966 - 1975 contest.

  • Eleanor D. of Durham, North Carolina
  • Connie R. of Phillipsburg, New Jersey
  • Doris G. of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Wayne S. of Selma, Alabama
  • Irene W. of Manassas, Virginia
Each winner received the Brunswick double CD, plus the latest release from Ray Parker Jr.

For being the fastest to submit their entries, our first two responders also received an extra special unannounced bonus, Lionel Richie's excellent new Christmas CD.

3) The Creation of "Black Santa"

"Merry holidays?"

Greeting cards attempting to mask the word "Christmas" have reached a new low this 2006 holiday season.

With political correctness swirling prominently in the air, I was struck by the social commentary in a holiday song called "Black Santa" sent my way by producer Dr. BLT.

You'll have a chance to download this song from the Powerhouse Radio website now through December 31st.

But first, here are Dr. BLT's comments about the creation of "Black Santa."


"Thanks for your comments, King. I appreciate the feedback, along with your interest in this song. The song was released on my own independent label: Shrink Rap Records.

I wrote and produced the song, and appear on the song as the personnel manager who is threatened by the idea of an African American male working in the department store he represents.

As an artist, I go by my initials: Dr. BLT. The Dr. is my title in the day job that I hold as a clinical psychologist.

Michael C. (his full name is Michael Cobb) is the other artist---the one who raps on the song as the African American male applying for a job as Santa.

I am originally from Canada, he is originally from Oakland, California.

He and I recorded a bunch of songs in the early 90s.

The song took nearly 15 years to become a hit, and the top 30 chart that it landed on last Christmas at #21 (2005), reflected internet activity only.

So it is an independent, underground internet hit.

I believe that the reason the song took so long to make it is because at the time it was released, it was released only locally, on a cassette single.

Because its message is timeless, because it tells a story containing an underlying message, and because it struck an emotion with lots of people, the song was able to make it, even 15 years after it was written and recorded.

The song just came to me while I was at my day job, trying to concentrate on providing therapy, while my mind drifted off in a musical direction as it often does while I'm at work.

The song came to me suddenly. I rushed to my office and wrote out the words during a 15-minute break.

We recorded the song in about 20 minutes. The song sparked immediate interest, but without the aid of the internet, and with my limited resources at the time, I wasn't able to get the song, and it's underlying message out."

Bruce L. Thiessen, Ph.D.,
aka Dr. BLT


"Black Santa" surprised me as it is well produced and offers a great message.

Dr. BLT has given us permission to post the song.

You can download "Black Santa" now through Sunday, December 31, 2006.

Share the song with your family, friends, co-workers, or older kids.


Written by King for the Powerhouse Radio Newsletter


4) Music News: Alicia Keys, Smokey Robinson

Alicia Keys (from AliciaKeys.com)
Congratulations to Alicia Keys for recently completing the Greek Marathon in Athens, Greece.

Alicia ran the 26.2 mile race in Greece to honor the place where, in 490 BC, the first battle for democracy was fought and won by the Greeks against the Persian Army at the Greek village of Marathon.

Legend has it that, when the battle was won, the Athenian messenger, Phidippides ran 24 miles to Athens, carrying the news of that stunning victory. (Unfortunately, Phidippides quickly dropped dead from exhaustion after his arrival).

The modern marathon commemorates this feat.

Smokey Robinson's Soul in the Bowl
Smokey Robinson has put together a product line of some of his most favorite dishes and recipes.

The product line will roll out with “Smokey Robinson’s Soul in the Bowl” Gumbo and Red Beans & Rice.

According to his website, "just like the Grammy Living Legend’s music, it is soulful and delicious!"

Get a taste...



Editors Note:

Is this a fantasy of many recording artists? In my interview with Jerry Butler that you can listen to at...


The Ice Man fantasizes about doing the same thing, but in his own restaurant!

5) Concert Dates: Who's on Tour?

Stevie Wonder
Saturday, December 16, 2006
Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk
Universal City, CA

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
Saturday and Sunday, December 30 - 31, 2006
Atlanta Civic Center
Atlanta, GA
8:00pm Saturday, 9:00pm Sunday

KC & The Sunshine Band
Saturday and Sunday, December 30 - 31, 2006
Atlantic City Hilton
Atlantic City, NJ
8:00pm Saturday, 10:30pm Sunday

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
Sunday, December 31, 2006
Constitution Hall
Washington, DC

Earth Wind & Fire
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, January 12 - 14, 2007
Luxor Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
8:00pm each night

Johnny Gill
Saturday, January 13, 2007
The Railhead, Boulder Station Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Isaac Hayes
Thursday, January 25, 2007
Birchmere Music Hall
Alexandria, VA

Thursday, February 1, 2007
The Grove of Anaheim
Anaheim, CA

Joss Stone
Thursday, February 8, 2007
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY

Patti Austin
Saturday, February 24, 2007
Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, AZ

6) The 5 Best 2006 Classic Soul R&B Music Jam Blog Posts

Check out The Classic Soul R&B Music Jam blog

Several times a week, King from Powerhouse Radio will share...
1. Interesting updates and profiles about music artists from the world of classic soul, classic R&B, and related genres.

2. Announcements about tours and concerts compiled directly from the music artists.

3. The stories behind some of the soulful songs we all love.

4. His personal opinion, thoughts, and insights about many topics related to the world of classic soul and classic R&B.

Go to: http://www.powerhouseradio.com/classicsoulblog

While you are there, sign up to receive notification when new articles are posted.

Here are our 5 best 2006 Classic Soul R&B Music Jam Blog Posts (so far):

1) The Secret Life of Sly Stone (April 19)

2) The Truth about Whitney Houston (May 18)

3) The New Electronic Frontier for Classic Soul (September 26)

4) Bootsy Collins Collars Christmas Funk (November 15)

5) Rediscovering Lionel Richie (August 1)

7) Your Feedback via email to King at Powerhouse Radio

Jan writes:

"Thanks for your station. I have it feed into my computer at work. I actually caught my ole fuddy duddy boss tapping his foot to 'shake your booty'...hehehehe."

Don't be left out, because we're listening. Leave your comments, feedback, or music requests here:


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Happy New Year

May 2007 rock your socks off!


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