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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Classic Soul Radio Busts a Mobile Device Move

Pandora’s move to mobile devices is no secret, as they have cornered a large share of the market.

As a live365 broadcaster, I’ve waited for the opportunity to listen to the Powerhouse Radio classic soul (and more) stream from various wireless devices using live365’s platform.

iPhone support came first.  Now, Android has followed.  The Beta version of the Android App (released in mid 2011) was not stable enough for me to recommend.

The updated 2012 Android App is great.  Having a 4g phone provides the best listening experience, although you may not have a constant 4g connection if travelling by car.

On a recent 45 minute drive between downtown Washington, DC, and Baltimore, I tried the live365 App on a Droid Bionic using Verizon Wireless.

The signal got dropped only once in downtown DC, and I can honestly say that it was a better listening experience than satellite radio’s frequent drop outs.

If you are the driver, fiddling with a cell phone/smart phone during transit is something you don’t want to do.  When listening this way, I try to set it (the phone), and forget it, until I want to turn the music off.

I also recently tried listening to Powerhouse Radio on a Kindle Fire via the built in web browser. Because Kindle uses a much slower connection speed, I don’t yet recommend listening with this device.

Download the iphone, iPad, and iPod Touch or Android App for live365, from iTunes or the Android Market, (Google Play), and tune us in on your phone!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Classic Soul Cassette Widget in Tune with Technology

December 18, 2008 update: Like many online projects, Mixwit did not last.  They shut down operations on December 31, 2008, so the link to their site and the related audio is gone.


It’s not April 1st yet, and this is not a joke.  Here’s a really cool flashback to the golden days of those cassette based songs, now reincarnated inside of a contemporary web based music player.

I skipped over both music cassettes and 8-track tapes back in the day and went right from vinyl to CD, so finding this retro music widget reminded me of friends who always had their cassette tapes eaten by their car cassette players.

This widget has lots of personality!

The particular song I found and placed in the widget is “Funky Mule,” written by Buddy Miles, performed by an unidentified band.

If you know who the band is, please let us know.

Mouse-over the picture to see the pause and stop buttons (after you press the start button).

You can check the widget out from Mixwit.

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