Solar Records - Whispers, Shalamar, Lakeside, Dynasty

The official Solar biographies

Whispers "Take five dynamite singers, blend them together in a unique vocal style, and who do you get?

Well, if their names happen to be Wallace (Scotty) Scott, Walter Scott, Marcus Hutson, Leaveil Degree, and Nicholas Caldwell, then you've got The Whispers...."

Shalamar "Jeffrey Daniels, Jody Watley, and Howard Hewitt comprise Shalamar, an exciting vocal/dance trio..."

Lakeside "There's nothing on this planet quite like the driving, surging energy of a powerful showband, effortlessly able to excite any audience.

The true showband is of a preciously limited genre, but now there is a true emerald shining in the vast valley - Lakeside..."

Dynasty "There are few experiences in the music business quite as exciting as the emergence of a new group. In less than a year, Dynasty comprised of three extremely talented, young individuals, has captured the attention of music lovers coast to coast..."